There is no better way to spend your holiday than to go camping in Queenstown this summer. There are some beautiful camping sites in Queenstown and you will have a great time there admiring the beauty of nature and enjoying the things you like to do. Here are some tips if you plan to go camping in Queenstown.

Take a first aid box

You can get some nasty surprises at the campsite, like mosquito bites or other bug bites. In such a case, a first aid box can be very handy. You should take antiseptic cream, pain killers, sanitizer, burn ointment, band-aids, and other essentials.

Dress code

You should wear something light and comfortable as it is summer. You should carry both slippers and runners. The slippers will becomfortable, and the runners will be helpful when exploring rough terrains. You should take your hat or cap and sunglasses so that you can stay safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Setting up the camp

You should make sure that you buy a waterproof tent as it might rain. You must get a foam mattress so that you can sleep comfortably at night. Make sure you watch videos on how to set up the tent before leaving home so that you can take the necessary tools with you.

Food and water

You should take plenty of food and water with you as you may not get everything you need near your campsite. You should take canned food and dry food like biscuits, noodles, to name a few.


Other than exploring lovely places, you also need to bring things to entertain you in other ways. You can bring a football, a cricket bat, and other gaming equipment. Make sure you bring your mobile and camera.

Camping in Queenstown will be memorable is you can plan it well. You will have a great time in the outdoors amidst the beautiful nature.

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